Very helpful for my future academic career


Macau is a small city, the number of colleges and selection are less than other region, many high school students will choose to study abroad. For me, I had been interested in clinical psychology when I was in high school, but there was no special clinical psychological curriculum in Macau, so I decided to apply Taiwan university through University Entrance Committee, and I was at the Kaohsiung Medical University. When I was confused about how to deal my registration procedure, some senior gave me a lot of information which was a great help for me in solving many problems, this gave me a good first impression of Kaohsiung Medical University. Teachers of this school are friendly, they communicated with students sincerely and frequently. Many teachers communicated with us by social software, also they encouraged us to talk and share ideas with others, which formed a close and warm relationship between teachers and students. This year, I will continue master’s degree in previous school, which give me the chance to discuss with my teacher about my research paper earlier, and there is attached hospital beside our  university ,which means collection of case study data is more convenient, this will be helpful for my future study career.

[Department of Psychology—
Master’s Program ‘17]


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