Scholarships Opportunities

The scholarships shown as below are for prospective degree students.

Applicants who are interested in KMU International Student Scholarship should apply while simultaneously fulfilling the online application form. Every type of stipend includes different allowance as below:
  • Type A: NTD 200,000~260,000 per year (monthly stipend, accommodation coverage and tuition fee are included)
  • Type B: NTD 80,000~140,000 per year (accommodation coverage and tuition fee are included)
  • Type C: NTD 70,000~80,000 per year (tuition fee)
Undergraduate students can only apply for Type C, Master’s students can apply for Type B and Type C, Ph.D. students can apply for all types of the scholarship. Failure to follow the instructions above may affect the result of application.
The Taiwan Fellowships & Scholarships (TAFS) comprises 9 awards in 3 categories: Fellowships for research, Huayu (Mandarin) Enrichment Scholarships, and Scholarships for Degree. For more information, please visit the website or contact the R.O.C. embassy or representative office in/near the country.
  • MOE Grant for Overseas Chinese Students in Financial Need
  • OCAC Scholarships for Academically & Behaviorally Outstanding Overseas Chinese Students
  • MOE Outstanding Overseas Chinese Student Scholarship for Graduate Students
  • OCAC Donation Scholarships for Overseas Chinese Students

Please visit the website for details. Contact: 

For more information about the opportunities of scholarship, please contact the Office of Global Affairs or the Office of Students Affairs.

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