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I was a lecturer at Hanoi Medical University (Vietnam) before coming to Taiwan. After I finish my Ph.D. program in Taiwan, I will have a chance to upgrade my teaching position in my workplace. I can say, this Ph.D. program is a door to open a wider road in my career journey.

During my studying at KMU, I have had a chance to work as an interpreter (EN-VN) with College of Medicine (KMU) and learned a lot regarding my research field. I highly recommend for international students, especially for Vietnamese students, to come to study in Taiwan. Since there are many programs for Vietnamese clients from Taiwan, it’s a good chance for Vietnamese students to work and learn from these works.

Nguyen Thi Son (Anna)
[School of Nursing – Ph.D. Program ‘17]
[Khon Kaen University – Master of Nursing Science ‘12]

Anna’s personal information
Home Country: Vietnam
Work Experience: Hanoi Medical University, Hanoi, Vietnam (Since 2010)
Studying field: Nursing
Studying program: International Ph.D. Program in Nursing, at College of Nursing, KMU (Since 2017)

Academic Opportunities:
Based on the policy of the Ph.D. program, the College of Nursing, KMU invites foreign professors from sister universities to have a lecture for the students each semester. Therefore, I have several chances to participate and experience lectures from excellent foreign professors in my field.
Research Grant:
In the light of Taiwan’s Southbound Policy, I’ve worked with my Professor and got a grant to do my pilot research since my second semester studying at KMU. Moreover, there are many grants each year to support students conducting their researches from KMU and Taiwanese Government.
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