International Medical Student

Author: Hsin Hsiang Chou

Hsin Hsiang graduated from Ekamai International School (Thailand) and was admitted into the School of Medicine via the University Entrance Committee For Overseas Chinese Students (Joint placement for bachelor’s degree programs) in the year 2019.

International Medical Student

After graduating from high school in Thailand and taking a gap year, I got accepted into the school of medicine of KMU the following year. I had always wanted to come back to Taiwan and attend medicine school here because of their excellence and development in the medical field. At first, I was afraid because I knew taking medicine in Taiwan won’t be simple, and had some hesitations in making this decision, but eventually, I decided to come as I had dreamt. By receiving this acceptance from KMU, I have given myself a great opportunity to fulfill my career. 

Before school started back when I was a freshman, I was really anxious and stressed because adjusting to a new learning environment is something I have been trying to overcome, even till now. The first challenge I faced in Taiwan was the language barrier. There was a necessity to be fluent in Chinese, because it was needed in daily life and most of the courses. Being unable to understand simple phrases was really frustrating, but after getting used to living in Taiwan, my Chinese improved in no time. I believe there are other foundational Chinese courses for exchange students or international students to take as well. For these past two years, I have faced other minor challenges too, such as lifestyles and a few cultural differences, but that’s the point of going abroad, so that I could become independent and gain experience in several aspects. 

As I have mentioned, one of the reasons I have chosen to come to Taiwan was its excellence in the medical field. The lectures delivered here are really thorough, well-planned, and taught by experienced doctors or medical researchers, who are really specialized in the topic. We have had labs for certain subjects, and the labs are competently prepared for us and each step was instructed precisely to get the most out of it. If the students want to gain insight into the topics of interest, they could always discuss or even conduct research with the professors, which is why Taiwan is a leading country in research. Overall, I would say the medicine course is definitely not easy, there is pressure and stress throughout the school year, but that is also why it was worth taking. 

Now, I am a third year student of medicine in KMU. These past few years at KMU have been really great. I have made countless friends, both Taiwanese and international. After graduating, I plan to work here and gain experience for a few more years before deciding where to start the next chapter of my journey. A student exchange during my clerkship years might be an option as well. As for now, I do not regret coming here at all. In fact, I am so glad I did take the opportunity two years ago. When you’re given a chance to go abroad, make sure to give it a try, because some opportunities knock only once.