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While looking back on my journey in Taiwan, I am really happy that I can get an excellent education at KMU…


by Kartiko Arif Purnomo

My name is Kartiko Arif Purnomo, an international PhD student from Indonesia at Graduate Institute of Natural Products, Kaohsiung Medical University. Currently, I am in second year of my study.

My journey of study in KMU was started in 2017, a year after I graduated from Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Airlangga in Indonesia. After I met with a KMU professor, Fang-Rong Chang in Indonesia, he suggested me to follow him to study in KMU become his student. Then, I enrolled at the master degree program at the Graduate Institute of Natural Products department. The enrollment process was so smooth because I gained many helps from Office Global Affairs KMU. In the mid-2017, I arrived in Taiwan and started master degree study at KMU.

The first year of study was so hard for me because that is my first time to live abroad. Moreover, I did not understand Chinese language at all, the only one phrase that I could speak in Chinese language was self-introduction. However, I have met a lot of friends who are so welcoming and helped me to settle in Taiwan very well. The Taiwanese, from food sellers to public service staffs, were also very helpful and friendly to me. KMU also provided assistances for newly coming international students to adjust life in Taiwan. 

Two years later, I accomplished my master degree program at KMU. Then, my professor offered me a chance to pursue a PhD degree in KMU, so that I can directly fast-track my research progress without worrying about adaptation anymore. This time, KMU provided me even a better scholarship.

While looking back on my journey in Taiwan, I am really happy that I can get an excellent education at KMU with scholarship which covers my study and living. Also, thanks to the KMU staffs and people in Taiwan who are always friendly and helpful, living and studying in Taiwan is very comfortable for me. 

Hiking with friends and professor Chang

Program trip to botanical garden

Lab Welcome Lunch for international students from Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia

Kartiko KMU

Amusement in a nigh market

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