Never Stop Dreaming!

Dewi Maryam

Ph.D. student in School of Nursing, KMU
Indonesia University, Master of Science in Advanced Nursing Airlangga Indonesia, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Hi, I am Dewi Maryam, I am grateful that God gives me chance to pursue my study in Taiwan. Honestly, up until now, I feel like my dream comes true; I never thought I would have the opportunity to continue my doctoral degree in Nursing at one of the best universities in Taiwan, Kaohsiung Medical University.

Why Taiwan?

I have several considerations. 
First: Of course I want to strengthen my personal character as well as deepen my knowledge of my scientific field, thereby increasing the compilation that can be useful for the hospital where I practice the nursing profession.

Second: advanced campus facilities, a clean, safe, and beautiful environment as well as a wonderful library. The university also provides us with a prayer room! (I am Muslim). I am amazed that Taiwanese people respect and tolerate my religion and belief. Even, our campus restaurant also provides Muslim-friendly food. Currently, halal-labeled food is also available at several night market stalls, and on the shelves of department stores and restaurants scattered throughout the city.

Third: Full education scholarships, free accommodation/dormitory, and a monthly stipend.

Is it difficult to get a scholarship?

Actually, students can find a lot of overseas education scholarships in Taiwan. One of my tips: prepare all the requirements in advance, so that when the application time comes, everything needed is complete and can be uploaded quickly. An example is the required IELTS or TOEFL score: some universities have a minimum standard, so applicants have to make sure the score is sufficient. In addition, applicants are usually asked to make a study plan/motivation letter or a proposal. Do not give up if your scholarship application is rejected. Yet there are many others. Keep the faith and try. Information about the scholarship:

Do you have to be able to speak Mandarin to study in Taiwan?

Don’t worry, some majors have implemented full English. Another plus is that KMU offers free Mandarin language classes! Needless to say, if you are proficient in Mandarin, there will be a special bonuses (awards) waiting for you.

How do I get my advisors?

Just check the university’s website for the faculty member’s directory and their research fields. If needed, contact the admissions office of KMU. The administrative specialists will help you to have the information about the professors that match with your interest/fields.

Can a nurse practitioner study abroad?

Sure! I am a clinical nurse and government employee who works in the second largest hospital in Indonesia. Of course I have an obligation to ask my boss for permission before trying to register for study, especially for a long-term stay abroad. Experiences have taught me not to be hasty in making decisions. Getting a study permit is one of the most important things and it will impact on your career and promotion in the future.

For freshmen who have been accepted, but have zero experience to go abroad like me, here are some tips:

Voyage Documents

Arrange immediately for passports, visas and necessary documents.
Don't be afraid to apply for a visa by yourself (no need to use agents) because getting a visa is now easy and fast.

Currency Exchange &
Cash Withdrawal

Even though you're awarded a scholarship, you have to have some money with you. At least, the money for the first month living in Taiwan.
While ATM card from your original country? Not necessarily. You can bring it and withdraw money from ATM machine in Taiwan if the card has visa/international logos on it.

Packing List

You do not have to bring stuffs e.g. electrical equipments or cooking machines (except cellphones, laptops and chargers) because the voltage in Taiwan (110V) can differ from your country.
For Muslims, bring prayer clothes (Mukena) and prayer rug as well as enough hijab. Also, bring traditional clothes (at least batik) for special occasions/events.

Important Contact Information

Leave detailed information of your departure/ arrival to the Office of Global Affairs or Indonesian Student Associations in Taiwan so that they can help you if needed.

Epidemic Prevention Measures

During the Covid pandemic, please note policies from the Taiwan government regarding border measures and quarantines. Always confirm with the university the required documents for entering in Taiwan, including quarantine hotels reservation, and even prepaid cards.

Housing Arrangement &
Health Insurance

Residence/dormitory? Which one is better? It depends! Ask for help to find suitable one.
After living for 6 months in Taiwan, do not forget to apply National Health Insurance (NHI). By the way, do you know that Taiwan has been awarded as the country with the best healthcare in Asia in 2021? In fact, Kaohsiung (health care index 86,73) is in the seconds rank of the best city with good healthcare facilities in Asia.

Last but not least, the hardest thing for me as a mother and wife is to stay long distance relationship with my husband and kids. But it all will be OKAY when our family supports us. And thanks to KMU for being my second family. KMU not only inspires us but KMU is a family.

A quote: to accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan but also believe.

Never stop dreaming.

Let’s start the adventure and let’s rock the world!

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