Study abroad is a very valuable experience that educates myself…

Sri Sudewi
Ph.D. student in Department of Medicinal and Applied Chemistry, KMU
Universitas Gadjah Mada, Master of Science
Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, S.Si
I am going to try to brief my experience in all aspects in a comparative way. In KMU I came across multilingual and multicultural traditions among friends and seniors. One of the best things I feel among Taiwanese people is they are very generous polite and friendly in nature with our foreign students. They teach me a lot of things which include both academic and cultural aspects. I’m so glad and blessed to have such wonderful people around me including my country people.

Sri Sudewi

In my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, I was major in analytical chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry. I was an active student in Student Executive Board, Literature and Theater Board, and Association for Environmental and Adventure Activity. Here in KMU, apart from the subjective knowledge I improves and I also learned basic skills to perform reactions at variable conditions. After one semester, I switched lab from Synthetic Organic Chemistry to the Frontier Spectroscopy Laboratory. At the time being, my studies focus on the development of nanomaterials for biomedical applications. The first duty comes to me is to write 4 proposals (4 projects) within one semester. Now, I exactly completed one year for my experiment and all my projects are going to smooth. By learning new methods and software, handling instruments, analyzing data, writing progress reports and papers, thus, I can overcome all detrimental and explore the deep skill during the study. The culture diversity in KMU made me reborn and as a results, I’ve made many friends from many countries and have learned different cultures and customs. With these experience, I can better understand and respect others and broaden my international network. I’m grateful for KMU and Taiwan Government, they not only gave me the chance but financially support my study.

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