About School of Nursing

by Siriluk Sithichoksakulchai
Academic year 2020-2022

The normal length of the international doctoral program in nursing is about 2-7 years, consists of 2 years of course work and others with dissertation. There are 36 semester-hours; 19 must be required nursing courses, 5 must be elective nursing courses, and 12 must be a dissertation.

The program is very interesting and suitable. It provides many challenges and wonderful experiences. For example, the learners learn deep knowledge of each subject. They explore the new knowledge by self-study. They are encouraged to participate, discuss, and share ideas as critical thinking in the classes. Many new learning experiences are the key points to develop yourself. Moreover, the instructors are the best models in both academic and lifestyle aspects. Not only do they teach, but they also encourage and empower students to study. They are always kind, friendly, and familiar with students, making students feel comfortable and love studying. They could drive students to be good persons in the career path in the future.

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