Study experience in Taiwan


I was born and raised in a beautiful country named Mongolia, which is located in the central heart of Asia. During the school time, I received a great opportunity to participate in the piano competition at the international children`s festival held in Turkey and France, which was my first-time visit in abroad. In 2003, I was graduated my high school and became a medical student at the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences (MNUMS). Upon completion of my bachelor degree as a general practitioner, I continued my journey in a field of internal medicine, more specifically in Hematology. After the completion of 2 years’ continuous residency program, I found the job in the MNUMS, where I obtained deeper experience in research and medicine. MNUMS has collaborative relationship on the fellowship program with Yonsei University in Korea and sent me to Korea as a trainee for 6 months during my employment. This visit helped me to find a destination where I could achieve my goal. My Korean mentor suggested me to continue my studies in Taiwan-a country good in research and clinical field in Asia. A few months later I was enrolled in a master’s degree program at Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU), Taiwan, 2014 and completed it 2016. Of course, everything was different than my expectation. For example, weather in Taiwan was hotter and more humid than in Mongolia and use of English is better than other Asian countries. Also, Taiwan is very safe and peaceful, especially for girls. Therefore, transportation system in Taiwan is convenient and makes sightseeing tours lot easier for foreigners. The picture below was taken in Kenting, Taiwan.

Now I am a 1st year PhD student in Graduate Institute of Medicine, KMU. People might ask, ‘Why have you chosen KMU again?’ At first, I wanted to continue my master’s study, which we found one compound that has anti-cancer effect against blood cancer. Secondly, my advisor was supportive for my further research. Good advisors are able to share life experiences and perception, as well as technical expertise. They create strength to know, accept and respect the aims and interests of a student. At last, scholarships and language are important to achieve the goal without any major failures. Of course studying in abroad is always challenging but each individual should find own way to handle and overcome it properly.

Duurenjargal Tseeleesuren 2017.
Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan [Institute of Medicine – Master’s Program ’14]
Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan [Institute of Medicine – Ph.D. Program ’16]



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